ATC Group LLC is a North American importer and distributor of elite, high-performance motorsports products.

We are proud to offer the following brands to the North American market!

Attacking the Clock Racing

Specializing in High-End Race Car builds, Track Prep, Fabrication, Custom Carbon Fiber, and Performance Parts Sales

Rymax Lubricants

Founded in the Netherlands in 1986, Rymax Lubricants produces high-quality lubricants and greases with a distinctive look and feel. With a partner-focused approach and extensive support, Rymax is an outstanding lubricant partner that strives for your success.

Rymax Lubricants is an established and a rapidly growing brand within the lubricants industry. Our range covers lubricant solutions for passenger car, commercial transport, motorcycle, racing, agriculture, industrial, mining, and marine applications.

HEL Performance

Manufacturer of High Performance Brake Line Kits for Motorcycles, Automotive and OEM applications.

Stainless steel brake line kits. Stainless steel clutch line kits. Brake hoses. Oil Cooler Kits. Oil Line Kits. The worlds first custom colored stainless steel brake lines kits. The worlds first manufacturer to offer only stainless steel brake line kits.